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Welcome to guilt-free snacking…

Are you looking for a snack to help sustain your energy levels and keep the hunger pangs at bay?

Our new healthy snacking biltong is full of protein, no nasty ingredients and supports your healthy lifestyle. Whether as part of your personal protein plan or as an alternative to the latest expensive protein bars and shakes. You can enjoy this tasty, nutritious guilt-free snack as much as you like.

When buying our biltong you get a great-tasting, delicious snack with a whole lot of goodness in every mouthful, leaving you wanting more without those sinful feelings.

It is free from colourants, artificial preservatives, those dreaded E numbers and has no MSGs, whilst being gluten-free, perfect for those people who have coeliac intolerances.

‘The snack that puts the protein back’... Almost sinless, certainly guilt-free!