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About Us

BigHorn Biltong developed through a love for good food, fine beers and a desire to escape the rat race of corporate business. I am well travelled and a passionate follower of both national and international rugby, occasionally dabbling in a little local cricket and always up for a round of golf! I am a typical carnivore that enjoys the occasional snack and very good beers and have become tired of the usual crisps, pork scratchings (yep they are still around), olives and peanuts. They always left me feeling cheated and wanting more…

Now just entering the prime of life and needing to take care of the body I am now left with, I have become more aware of the need for a more healthy snack option while continuing to enjoy the sport and drink of my choice. Which is where biltong comes in…

A tasty nutritional snack made from british rare breed, grass-fed cattle brought to you through a passion for wanting to get things right - created in the heart of the Worcestershire countryside by myself and my partner, Carole. Abi, Carole’s daughter is instrumental in supporting us both at festivals and with the social media aspects of our website.

BigHorn Biltong… wow… now there’s a name! The fun we have had over the table laughing, squirming and generally giggling about all sorts of connotations. But seriously our passion for starting with only the best ingredients that being rare breed British beef led us to the obvious conclusions. We hope you enjoy our biltong as much as we do and welcome all comments, online or just pick up the telephone.

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